Packages and pricing

If you need expert support for your vulnerable customer project we are available to help. Revenue from consulting work helps us to build out our tech-for-good products and services.

Get in touch and we can tell you what's possible given your budget and timeframes, but for an overview, here are some typical packages and what we would charge.

Vulnerable customer project kick-off workshop

£1,500 for firms, £1,000 for charities

1 day workshop, either remote or in person.

By the end of the day you will have:

  • Defined what your research questions are
  • Defined the project outcomes
  • Mapped out any potential barriers
  • Created a project team with roles and responsibilities
  • Decided how to involve outside agencies, charities and experts by experience
  • Mapped out safeguarding needs

Vulnerable customer design sprint

£5,000 for firms, £3,350 for charities

4 days of interactive workshops, either remote or in person.

We will work with your team to follow the Design Sprint process to give you answers to some of your key questions in only four days.

By the end of the sprint you will have:

  • Defined a research question and problem statement
  • Come up with many possible solutions to test
  • Designed a prototype
  • Tested the prototype with several vulnerable consumers
  • Analysed the results of your research to give you answers

Vulnerable customer co-design recruitment and training

Starting from £8,500

We will work with you to understand your project needs, defining who you need to test with and talk to for a more inclusive design process. We will then help you recruit and train those participants and work with you to set up a co-design process.

This work will help your firm comply with FCA guidelines on using inclusive design principles to support vulnerable customers.

Typically this process takes around 1-2 months and involves around 3-4 workshops with your team.

Proof of concept work

Starting from £50,000

We will work with you to design and develop a proof-of-concept product or service.

Work with us

We are currently working with firms and charities to help them better serve consumers in vulnerable circumstances.

We can help you at any stage of your project and can bring in design, research and technology experts as needed. Get in touch at to find out more.

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