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About us

Touco Lab started off as Toucan in 2018, built to help people with long term mental health conditions better manage their money with the support of their family and friends.

We've worked with Nationwide Building Society, the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, Northumbria University, Nesta, Money Advice Trust and Fair By Design to build and test tools to help carers and those they care for collaborate around money.

Over the last two years we've become experts in how to work with customers in vulnerable circumstances using inclusive design principles. In doing so we have built tools and apps using Open Banking and prepaid cards.

Now we're continuing to build out our tech while working with organisations who want to improve their solutions for customers in vulnerable circumstances.

Bailey Kursar

Bailey Kursar

Product, research and marketing. Financial Inclusion Policy Forum member, Business Insider UK Tech 100. Previously at Monzo, Zopa and MarketFinance.

Evelina Vrabie

Evelina Vrabie

Software and product development. Women in FinTech 2019 Powerlist Standout 35. Previously at Deliveroo and Monitise.

Emily Trant

Emily Trant

Operations, regulation and business development. Previously COO at Funding Options.

As featured in

“Improving the financial capabilities of those in need and being able to get timely support when needed”


“Helps people with pre-existing impairments including mental illness and dementia”

The Independent

“A new app that gives parents, friends and carers oversight on loved ones’ finances without having to hand over direct control. It’s also free to use.”


“An app that lets users share their bank balance status with a trusted friend or carer”

Financial Times

“Touco: new app lets you pick a carer or buddy to help you tackle debt”

Evening Standard

Our work

Third-party money alerts

In 2019 we launched Toucan, an app developed with people living with long term mental health difficulties.

Users connected their bank account using Open Banking and created text alerts that could be sent to a trusted family member or friend to help keep them on track.

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Third party transaction monitoring

In 2020 we launched Touco, an app for carers to monitor the spending of someone they care for.

The app uses Open Banking and features safeguarding features to protect people in vulnerable circumstances while giving their family peace of mind about their finances.

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Care card

We are working on developing a prepaid card with controls built in, designed to help carers and those who need care better control their spending.

This project was sponsored in part by Innovate UK.

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Inclusive Design and Vulnerable Customers

We have worked with Money Advice Trust and Fair By Design, authoring their paper on inclusive design for vulnerability to coincide with the FCA's new guidelines.

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Work with us

We are currently working with firms and charities to help them better serve consumers in vulnerable circumstances.

We can help you at any stage of your project and can bring in design, research and technology experts as needed. Get in touch at hello@usetouco.com to find out more.

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